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16 October 2021

      01:40  (User creation log) [HerminePulley5‎; DougBernardino‎; ChongLindgren7‎; AUUBrianne‎]
01:40 User account ChongLindgren7 talk contribs was created ‎
01:32 User account AUUBrianne talk contribs was created ‎
00:58 User account DougBernardino talk contribs was created ‎
00:31 User account HerminePulley5 talk contribs was created ‎
 N    00:46  User:Demetrius8243 diffhist +368 Demetrius8243 talk contribs Created page with "Pleased fulfill you! I am Chun. Caravaning is the hobby I will never stop enjoying. Meter reading has been his profession whilst and he'll be promoted soon. Virgin Islands is..."

15 October 2021

      23:57  (User creation log) [UYRBrett54169‎; MarvinMatthews4‎; AnnisShockley‎; BeulahWester9‎; Ethan331483‎; EvelyneRhea921‎; Gene76999450383‎; IlaRoss244937838‎; JannaMhe50‎; JeniferColleano‎; JulianneWalls82‎; KassieFincham8‎; KitTelfer8‎; MeriBergman16‎; PasqualeH34‎; PilarAlgeranoff‎; Ramona9124‎; RoccoBainton1‎; RoslynCourtney‎; SabrinaBenes4‎; TatianaZook1386‎; Demetrius8243‎; EstherChestnut‎; JYSEmile55‎; KelleVonStieglit‎; KrystleHarley‎; MinervaBjo‎; AnalisaBeak14‎]
23:57 User account RoccoBainton1 talk contribs was created ‎
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 N    20:33  User:JYSEmile55 diffhist +635 JYSEmile55 talk contribs Created page with "Greetings. Permit me to start by [ telling] you the author's name - Houston Ingles anf the husband Green Hawk CBD totally digs that mo..."
 N    19:25  User:UYRBrett54169 diffhist +355 UYRBrett54169 talk contribs Created page with "Her name is Drema. I used in order to become unemployed excellent I am a courier. North Dakota is as it's a lucrative place he's been moving into. To play domino is solution I..."
 N    19:24  User:EstherChestnut diffhist +311 EstherChestnut talk contribs Created page with "Nice to you, my name is Edna Oller but my partner doesn't love it at the. Massachusetts is the place I love most. Fishing exactly what his relatives and him have. My job is a..."
 N    18:47  User:MinervaBjo diffhist +275 MinervaBjo talk contribs Created page with "53 years old Accountant III Isa Pedracci, hailing from Burlington enjoys watching movies like Topsy-Turvy and Vacation. Took a trip to Barcelona and drives a Xterra.<br><br>m..."
 N    15:43  User:KelleVonStieglit diffhist +473 KelleVonStieglit talk contribs Created page with "Loyd Choi exactly what you can call me but Do not like typically use my full advertsing name. I work as a human resources assistant. My family lives in Missouri. It's not a co..."
 N    15:41  User:PasqualeH34 diffhist +394 PasqualeH34 talk contribs Created page with "Isaac is his name and he feels comfortable when people use the full name. Her husband and her chose to reside Nebraska and she or he loves ordinary living at this time. To col..."
 N    15:39  User:KrystleHarley diffhist +402 KrystleHarley talk contribs Created page with "40 yr old Structural Analysis Engineer Aurelie Capes, hailing from Nova Scotia enjoys watching movies like "Craigslist Killer, The " and Fashion. Took a trip to Rock-Hewn Chur..."
 N    12:31  Quicken 2001 Deluxe Windows 98 Second Edition (SE) Base - V2 Configured Environment (Q131105)‎‎ 6 changes history +2,367 [Kat‎ (6×)]
12:31 (cur | prev) +340 Kat talk contribs Created claim: minimum RAM (P33): 16 MB
12:29 (cur | prev) +424 Kat talk contribs Created claim: configured software product (P32): Quicken 2001 deluxe (Q18811)
12:28 (cur | prev) +372 Kat talk contribs Created claim: software UUID (P31): 32a94b2b-4b8b-4716-95c2-aeaf9c42b8dc
12:25 (cur | prev) +422 Kat talk contribs Created claim: base environment (P30): Windows 98SE (Q4333)
12:23 (cur | prev) +420 Kat talk contribs Created claim: instance of (P1): configured software environment (Q7929)
12:22 (cur | prev) +389 Kat talk contribs Created a new Item: Quicken 2001 Deluxe Windows 98 Second Edition (SE) Base - V2 Configured Environment, configured software environment
 N    12:31  minimum RAM (P33) diffhist +336 Kat talk contribs Created a new Property: minimum RAM, minimum RAM needed for this software product
 N    12:29  configured software product (P32) diffhist +371 Kat talk contribs Created a new Property: configured software product, software product configured for use in this environment
 N    12:27  software UUID (P31) diffhist +322 Kat talk contribs Created a new Property: software UUID, uuid used to search in EaaSI
 N    12:24  base environment (P30) diffhist +363 Kat talk contribs Created a new Property: base environment, base environment used in a configured software environment